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Eight element ensemble project inspired by the Città Invisibili (The Invisible Cities) by Italo Calvino


“Le città invisibili” by Italo Calvino inspires this work carried out by a diverse septet of extraordinary musicians. Visionary music that generates from jazz circling around other genres, giving life by its sound to imaginary cities of the dead, of memory, of the sky, of desire, etc. A journey balancing between dangling ethereal suspension and inner anguish, that couples choral composed fragments that are formally arranged with freely improvised duets, just like the two main characters in the book: Marco Polo and the Gran Khan.   Eloisa Manera composer, violin, voice | Gianluca Barbaro recorders, ewi | Pietro Bittolo Bon alto, baritone sax, clarinet | Andrea Baronchielli trombone | Pasquale Mirra vibraphone | Danilo Gallo bass, double bass | Ferdinando Faraò drums | Roberto Zanisi guitars, cumbus, bouzouki, steel pan, doumbek, cajun gunja, cifteli, bowglama.

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Rondine | Eloisa Manera, violin and electronics


“Rondine” is a solo record that shows the many migrations of the musician: seven tracks that include ambient moods, echoes of Bartòk filtered by Steve Reich’s minimalism, dialogues between urban field recordings and the violin’s reflections. Travel notes that start and move around very different sceneries: from the waves of grain fields in the land of Don Quixote, to the glimpse of Baroque through the Venetian fog; from the cheerful conversation of an imaginary 1900, to the ancient games played by children in Spanish Sicily; the vital frenzy in the crowded or solitary trains of the New York subway and the restless calm of the sunset in which the Twentieth Century fades away into another existence. The live performance of this project allows the musician to disconnect from the written score in order to reinterpret, improvise and rebuild on the initial material.


DUO / TRIO / QUARTETTO / ENSEMBLES PHASE DUO  Eloisa Manera, violin | Dj Fana (Stefano Greco), electronics.  Starting from the live interpretation of American composers of this Century (Reich and Riley) and from experimental improvisation, these musicians have together given life to a duo in which they  both equally take part in the creation of pieces composed especially for this project.


HOBO   Eloisa Manera violin | Massimo Giuntoli harmonium and compositions. A sharp duo that combines intense and robust sounds with subtle and delicate ones. A music chamber that is characterized by a distinct influence of Canterbury, Zappa and Nineteenth Century music, in the broader sense. Read more: http://www.massimogiuntoli.com

TRIO KOMIEL  Eloisa Manera violin | Dudù Kouate percussion and voice | Massimiliano Milesi saxophones. The trio that emerges within the Collettivo Res varies from original compositions  to sheer improvisation. The musicians interact reinterpreting  different soundscapes,  from Africa to contemporary classical music, from jazz to pure research in an extremely vigorous, involving and personal manner. Read more: http://collettivores.wordpress.com/

TRIO SONATA   Carlo Nicita flute | Eloisa Manera violin | Tito Mangialajo Rantzer double bass. The project employs eighteenth Century sounds that are readapted by a modern dialogue rich in colours and intensity. By means of the jazz interplay and not only, they create an extremely varied timbric and rhythmic itinerary that becomes the driving force of the trio. Read more: http://www.carlonicita.com/

SINUSOIDE OPERA CASUALE  (quartet) Roberto Frassini Moneta double bass | Giacomo Papetti double bass | Eloisa Manera violin | Emanuele Parrini violin. A sound journey between Cage and Sun Ra, a single non intentional piece that generates from a dialogue with chaos. Composed sounds coupled with illusionary moments that look at us, crying out their very existence. Group picture: http://www.adrianodecarli.com/portfolio/sinusoide

GEA4 Gianluca Barbaro – recorder/EWI | Eloisa Manera – violin/voice | Marco Vaggi – double bass | Ferdinando Faraò – drums. One of the most ancient sound binomials in the history of music (violin and recorder) is reinvented in a modern key, simultaneously expressing elements such as Italian cantabile and jazz, ancient and contemporary music, in an intense, flowing and elegant way. Read more: http://www.barbaro.it/gea4.html

JOHN EHLIS QUARTET  Eloisa Manera violin | Amalia Lopez Chueca cello | John Ehlis guitar, mandolin | Chris White III percussion.  A unique sounding quartet, headed by John Ehlis, an interesting, curious and acute American musician. This group of artists met in NY in the summer of 2011 round the Karl Berger’s Stone Workshop Orchestra and since then has gradually increased its musical bond, by various concerts and recordings in a dialogue of prolific exchange between USA and Europe. Read more: http://johnehlis.com/music/the-quartet/

ARTCHIPEL ORCHESTRA   Winner of the Top Jazz 2012 award for the best Italian group of the year and in 2014 for the second best group of the year, the Artchipel Orchestra is a big band with a significant visual and musical impact, created by an idea of the drummer, composer and conductor Ferdinando Faraò.  All other info: https://sites.google.com/site/artchipelorchesta/

EXTEMPORARY VISION ENSEMBLE  Two bold projects by Francesco Chiapperini: a tribute to Massimo Urbani (of which “Our Redemption” is the recorded evidence) “The Big Earth”, a study on the traditional funeral marches of Puglia. All info on this group and on the two projects: http://francescochiapperini.com/projects/extemporary-vision-ensemble/